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The Importance of Tracking Your Claims & Pay

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What is it?

The playbook to managing your income and ensuring you are always paid what you are owed. These are the principles used by successful and experienced adjusters who have worked at the top of the industry for the past decade.

This guide starts by teaching you the fundamental concepts, and ends in giving you the tools to manage and track your earnings on each and every deployment.


Who is it for?

Suitable for anyone from Novice to Veteran who wants to get a better handle on managing their earnings on a deployment and do not want to worry about the IA Firms forgetting to pay them for all of their completed work.


The Structure:

+ Why is this so important?

+ Where does the responsibility lie?

+ Utilizing Tracking Sheets

+ Time Well Spent

What it'll teach you:

+ What mistakes to avoid

+ IA Firms and their role

+ How to utilize Excel for tracking purposes

+ Why it matters to spend your time on tracking

+ How to increase your perceived value

No additional software required, all taught using free tools.

What’s included:

+ The Importance of Tracking Your Claims & Pay Guide

+ Two Excel based Tracking Sheets for Additional customizable Tracking Sheets available for purchase based on your specific needs



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