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QA Best Practices Guide

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What is it?

The playbook for teaching you what the Insurance Companies are looking for in the estimates that you write. These are the standard principles and practices that you used in the industry. Some companies may have slight variations on these best practices but this guide will give you the industry standards to make you a better adjuster.

This guide starts off by teaching you the fundamental first step requirements when you receive a claim, things that are being looked for in your files, some basic guidelines, and ends with touching on a few items that an adjuster should consider on each of their claims.

Who is it for?

Suitable for anyone from Novice to Veteran who wants to learn the basics of the industry and what is being looked for in their estimates and complete claim files.


The Structure:

+ What are they looking for?

+ Deadlines

+ Inspection/Reporting format

+ Estimating guidelines

+ Contents/Subrogation/Salvage


What it'll teach you:

+ Timelines with respect to Contact, Inspections, Reserves, Estimates, and Reports

+ What items the IA Firms, File Reviewers, and Insurance Companies are looking for

+ Important photos and the order they should be taken in

+ Important items, guidelines, and order for you estimates

+ Important documents and conversations to have with the home owner and include in your file




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