Better Adjusters

Deployment Musts

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What is it?

The playbook for not only making you a better adjuster, but a better paid one who gets deployed more often. These are the principles used by successful and experienced adjusters who have worked at the top of the industry for the past decade.

This guide starts off by teaching you the fundamental concepts, importance of first impressions, how to set yourself apart from others on the same deployment, and ends with identifying the tools of the trade necessary to be a better adjuster.

Who is it for?

Suitable for anyone from Novice to Veteran who wants to learn the basics of the industry, how to work longer deployments, and get re-deployed more often.

The Structure:

+ Important things to do

+ Re-deployment

+ Extended deployments

+ Skills & utilization

+ Tools of the trade


What it'll teach you:

+ How to make a lasting first impression on your deployments

+ Why being organized will help you

+ What to focus on to set yourself apart on the deployment

+ Importance of communicating with your Team Leads and Storm Managers

+ Why it’s okay to ask for help

+ The top tools that you should have with you on every deployment




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