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Composition Roofing Claim Investigation Training Aid

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What is it?

The playbook to handling a hail claim and what you need to consider during your inspection. These are the principles used by successful and experienced adjusters who have worked at the top of the industry for the past decade.

This guide teaches you the fundamental concepts, the steps to follow throughout your roof inspection, the tools you should have with you at all times, and what to look for in the interior of the home as it relates to the roofing damage.

Who is it for?

Suitable for anyone from Novice to Veteran who wants to get a better understanding or sharpen their skillset on the process involved when investigating a hail claim involving a composition roof.

The Structure:

+ Insured Interview

+ Risk Photos

+ Roof Inspection

+ Interior Inspection

What it'll teach you:

+ Questions to ask the insured

+ Important photos to take throughout your inspection

+ Information to note and document

+ Tools to carry with you and utilize

+ Labelling your photos

+ Important things to look for on your interior inspection



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