We are Better Adjusters

Better Adjusters was founded with one purpose in mind: to train novice, rookie, and seasoned insurance adjusters in a way that will prepare them for the real-world challenges they face and ultimately make them Better Adjusters! We wanted to make our courses and guides accessible to everyone, regardless of their time or budget constraints.

Our founder has over 15 years’ experience in the industry and has been training adjusters since 2010. During that time, he noticed there were no good options for those who wanted to learn the ins and outs of adjusting or fine tune their skills. The only options available were one or two week long course which cost a lot and took up a lot of time. To solve this problem, our founder and his team decided to develop a new curriculum that brought real-world experience into the mix in a simple format and Better Adjusters was born.


Our Founder

Our founder, Desmond, has been working as an adjuster since 2005. Eventually, he grew tired of working as a staff adjuster and wanted a change but he still wanted to stay in the industry because he enjoyed the work he did as an adjuster. This led him to the independent side of the business and he got his first deployment working Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Since then, he has gone on multiple deployments with some of the top IA Firms in the US and gained valuable experience. He was eventually asked to help train new adjusters for some the firms he worked with which is where his love for training and teaching began. He now wants to share all the knowledge and experience he gained with you through his guides and courses. You’ll be able to apply lessons from Desmond and his team to make your work easier, more efficient, and more profitable. With our training, you will become Better Adjusters!